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 2007-05-02 00:04:31+02 GMT (src: 324, bin: 496)
(Puerto Penasco/Rocky Point) Sonora (Citymap by Heber Ricardo Romo Priego)
lat: 29.89 - 32.71, lon: -114.91 - -112.09 = 7.91 deg2 (Mexico, Sonora)
This is most of (Puerto Penasco/Rocky Point) in Sonora, Mexico. I will finish the rest later.
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 2006-09-29 05:21:29+02 GMT (src: 777, bin: 1390)
Sonora North V.3.1 (Roadmap by Rotweiler)
lat: 29.70 - 32.12, lon: -113.59 - -110.00 = 8.70 deg2 (Mexico, Sonora)
VERY heavily modified - thanks to all of the responders for their comments. This version actually DOES route correctly! (All maps fully tested)

The Northern portion of the State of Sonora from just north of Hermosillo to the US border. First in a series covering the inland NW coast of Mexico from the US border to Puerto Vallarta.
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 2005-11-16 05:02:36+01 GMT (src: 524, bin: 856)
Mexico NW Hermosillo V.1.2 (Roadmap by Rotweiler)
lat: 26.88 - 29.69, lon: -112.93 - -109.72 = 9.04 deg2 (Mexico, Sonora)
A portion of the State of Sonora including (from North to South) the major urban areas of Hermosillo, Guaymas and Cuidad Obregon.

Circle the RVs!! The SnowBirds are coming!
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